How to  Make Your Tuscany Wedding Special

How to  Make Your Tuscany Wedding Special

There is a lot of stuff you can add to your wedding day to make it unique. You don’t have to rob a bank because even the simplest things like personalized decors and fun favors can make your big day the wedding of the year. All you need is a little creativity and sometimes you can get inspirations on how to treat your guests from wedding shops. Try and incorporate any of these into your memorable moments.

A personalized ceremony

If there is one thing you must not overlook is the wedding ceremony itself. Whether it will be conducted in the church or a traditional location, you can customize it into your own unique style. You are allowed to write down unique scripts for the officiant to read out, run a certain theme, or bring your own music and readings. As you choose the officiant, engage your fiancé so you can agree on every aspect. It doesn’t matter where the ceremony is located; every attendant will support you. Go ahead and create a personalized wedding ceremony that everyone will live to remember.  A wedding is all about the small details which make up the big things.

An inspiring venue

Some wedding venues in Tuscany have a special meaning. You can choose to get married in a lake or a villa, as long as the venue carries a special meaning to you. Aim at booking a venue that is inspirational to you and your future spouse. A location can be inspiring in many ways; it can be the lighting, décor, or the landscape design. Don’t forget to choose a venue that matches your wedding theme.

Stand-out wedding attire

The bride’s wedding dress is usually the one gown every guest looks forward to seeing. The groom’s suit is equally important as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses. When selecting a wedding gown, consider your body shape and budget. You don’t want to look ridiculous on your big day or start your marriage broke. You can seek help from a bridal fashionista to find out which neckline, material, and design suits your body type. Then you can streamline your options to find a gown that perfectly suits your style of wedding. Your wedding dress should be comfortable so that you can walk and dance in it. Let it express your personal style as well as the big event.

As for the groom, he should decide whether or not a tuxedo is important. The color will matter a lot because it needs to complement or match the bridal gown. A groom can showcase their personality through colored ties, fancy sneakers, or snazzy socks.

Dad time

This is for the bride. You should create time for your dad no matter how busy the day is. Besides walking you down the aisle to meet your future husband, your dad deserves a dance with you or at least some alone moment with you. Before he hands you to another man, take time and chat with your dad.

The cocktail flair

Wedding guests are so used to a glass of champagne during the reception. Why don’t you change this tradition and have some cocktails made for them? Find an experienced bartender to mix up the drinks. Then the guests can take whichever sides they prefer.

Kid’s play

Consider creating an amusement stage for the kids in your wedding. This will enable the parents to have a more relaxed time at your wedding.

The day you tie the knot should be one of the most amazing days of your lifetime. It is thus good to be a little flexible in your wedding planning and customize the event to meet your special needs. Make your wedding special by presenting your personality and your fiancé’s. 

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