3 Mistakes to avoid when choosing wedding venues in Tuscany

3 Wedding Venue Mistakes That Will Impact Your Budget

Countless weddings happen in Tuscany every year. From villas, farmhouses, to castles, wedding venues In Tuscany are infinite. Choosing a wedding location is a tough responsibility, but you can transition through the selection process effortlessly if you steer clear of particular blunders. Not that some mistakes are totally avoidable if you take the right steps in wedding planning. Before you say I do, keep an eye on these things.

  1. Searching too early or too late

You cannot start calling a wedding planner a few years before your wedding. There is so little you can do and so you need to wait until one year to your wedding date. You don’t need to start searching for ballrooms or banquet halls even before your engagement- it is both unnecessary and premature.

Similarly, starting your venue search too late can come off badly. The best idea is to start booking a wedding destination as soon as you are engaged. Follow the typical rule of 9-12 months before the real wedding date. Waiting until it’s too late will have you missing out on your dream wedding venue or the banquet hall you have always wanted. You will have a limited number of choices and you could end spending too much on a venue.

The same applies to the booking of hotel rooms. You will probably have wedding guests from far-off cities and if you are getting married in a busy season, you have to book accommodation for your guests in advance. It would be embarrassing if there are no rooms for your guests around the wedding venue simply because you delayed in booking. No one wants a wedding out of the city where no accommodation is offered. So, start booking the hotel rooms the same time you start searching for a wedding venue. This will help you include this information in the wedding invitation cards- your guests will thank you for it. Note that you don’t have to pay for the rooms; your guests will.

  1. Making too many invitations

Your wedding venue and the list of guests should be coherent. You cannot invite everyone in the city if your reception accommodates only 1000 people. Most wedding venues in Tuscany have an allowance of 10 more tables, so you need to be as precise as possible. Of course, not all of the invited guests will attend the wedding but it is better off to have excess tables than have some guests standing or locked out.

  1. Overlooking a full event package

You must figure out all your wedding details from decors, location, and catering. You will have a lot to benefit from if you hire an all-encompassing package. You will actually get rid of most of the frustrations that come with the wedding planning process. If you are interested in a complete event package, make sure that you inform your wedding planner so they can make the right search. Some of the benefits of a full event package include assistance with seat arrangements and floor plans, invitation management, unlimited customer service, sourcing of wedding supplies, etiquette advice, distribution of wedding day schedule to all guests, and creation of your wedding theme.

Are you planning to get married in Tuscany, the best place to get married in Italy? Start by searching for the right venue for your special event. Your choice should be based on such factors as the size of your guests, location, and personal preference. From friendly people to artistic cities, Tuscany is the ultimate wedding destination. To make your day a success, avoid the common mistakes most couples commit when selecting wedding venues In Tuscany. Knowing how to avoid the mistakes will help you have the easiest planning process ever.

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